7 Free ADA Accessible Google Sheet Templates

I love making lists! It took me years to switch from my pen and paper planners to the digital age, but once I found Google Sheets and Doc’s, I never looked back.

As much as I love messing around and creating my own personalized spreadsheets, who really has time for that? That is where templates come in so handy. There is one small problem. Not every Google Sheet template is ADA accessible. That means that 20% (roughly 60 million) of the population may not be able to use those templates. I went to work adapting popular Google Sheet templates in several categories, both personal and professional, into accessible templates.

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Google sheet templates

Google Sheet Templates make Life Easier

There is no reason to start from scratch when this list of free templates will cover all of your spreadsheet needs.

I use Google Sheets for production documents for my clients, meal planning for my family and even tracking my workouts. By making these sheets accessible, everyone can enjoy the convenience of using Google Sheets. Try these out and let me know what other kinds of Google Sheet templates you would be interested in having accessible.

Budgeting Templates


Budgeting templates are a necessity. With five kids, three of which are teenagers, money can easily fly out the door! These templates make it easy to keep track of your finances and plan for the future. 


This budgeting template was created by Budgets are Sexy. It is a four-step budget system that is fantastic! Find the accessible template HERE.

Find step by step instruction for this next budget Google Spreadsheet template at 20 Something Finance. The accessible version can be found HERE.

Menu Planning

Google Sheet Templates



Planning monthly menus is not only a great way to stay organized when you are busy but can also be a great money saver. In fact the Mayo clinic has said that when we plan our meals we also eat healthier as we tend to eat less fast food. 


Our first menu planning template comes for Zero Waste Memoirs. She makes a good point in her article talking about the convenience of using your Google Sheet template right from your phone. Find the accessible template HERE.

I love a pretty and productive spreadsheet! That is exactly what you get with menu planning template from Kalyn Brooke. The accessible version can be found HERE

Project Management


Everyone needs a little help sometimes keeping track of projects. Being able to organize your projects helps with the success of finishing them and not missing any steps along the way. 


Google Sheet Templates

These accessible project management trackers come from the Google Templates found within Google Sheets. They have been updated so that they are accessible. 

  • Basic Project Management Sheet-Found HERE
  •  Gantt Project Management Sheet-Found HERE
  • Project Tracker-Found HERE
Google Sheet Templates

I hope that you are able to find a couple of these spreadsheets that work for you. If you are using them for work you can have the peace of mind knowing that they are accessible for everyone on your team or even clients. We have a long way to go before the internet is a place where everyone can equally find the information that they are looking for. My goal is to help everyone be able to browse with ease! Contact Lana Lee Digital for help in making your site ADA compliant. 

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